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A Center for Addiction Recovery is a private addiction treatment center providing specialized treatment for a wide range of addictions and mental health conditions. Our addiction treatment program offers one of the most comprehensive treatment models available in the country today. Our clients have the devoted attention of an integrated addiction treatment team of up to 8 professionals, dedicated to their recovery.

Established in 2002 our addiction treatment facility has gone from strength to strength and it is now nationally renowned for:

  • Affordable Addiction Treatment Programs
  • Outstanding Therapist and Practitioners
  • Most Effective Treatment Plans to Include: Traditional, Holistic and Alternative Therapies
  • Ability to Understand the Needs of our Diverse Clientele

We are located on a 12 private acres retreat on a campus like environment. From Detox to After Care, all of our treatment therapies are provided under one roof. Clients do not need to be transported back and forth from one location to another. Male and female apartments are  offered in a semi-private style and are located in different complexes within the property. We have recreational activities on site including, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, ping pong and a variety of board games as well as a library. Our clients enjoy delicious meals prepared by our gourmet chef using produce from our organic garden and local ingredients.

As you read about our addiction treatment center, you realized that our client’s health and comfort are our number one priority. We do not offer a cookie cutter kind of treatment plan, as one size does not fit all, the same is with addiction treatment. One of the most important aspects about our addiction treatment programs is the fact that we are here to understand the underlying issues that have cause the addiction and treat them from the bottom up, taking care of the client’s physical, emotional and spiritual recovery.

Addiction treatment in Maryland is offered through the state by private and government based programs. Services vary from outpatient, intensive outpatient, inpatient, partial hospitalization, and specialized counseling services. If you have found our site we look forward to be the treatment center of  your choice. Stay positive, as positivism  hope and optimism are the foundation of a successful recovery.

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Clinical Excellence & Compassionate Care in a Healing Environment

For immediate addiction treatment help call us at the toll free number above. If you consider your case an emergency please call 911.
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