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A Center for Addiction Recovery provides a safe, medically supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox with a comprehensive medical support. Our experienced physicians and nursing staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Program recognizes the importance of comfort and constant support. Clients are comforted by learning how their bodies are reacting to the withdrawal of substances from their system, and are better placed to cope with the withdrawal process when they receive supportive and sympathetic feedback.

At A Center for Addiction Recovery you will receive personalized and private medical detox treatment as well as counseling and therapies to help your overcome common detox withdrawal symptoms. The success of your detoxification lies with an accurate assessment and we have over a thousand satisfied patients for a decade.


Dual Diagnosis clients at A Center for Addiction Recovery are treated by highly qualified mental health and addiction professionals by integrating traditional as well as alternative therapies. Our integrated treatment recognizes that substance abuse counseling and traditional mental health counseling is different and approaches are reconciled to treat co-occurring disorders. For example, it is not enough to teach relationship skills to a person with bipolar disorder. We must also teach them to how to avoid the relationships that are intertwined with their substance abuse.

Dual diagnosis services include different types of assistance that go beyond standard therapy or medication: assertive outreach, family counseling, even money and relationship management. The personalized treatment is viewed as long-term and can be begun at whatever stage of recovery the individual is in. Positivity, hope and optimism are at the foundation of integrated treatment.


Residential Addiction Treatment Programs combine a range of daily therapies and activities. Each day, you will have scheduled appointments with selected members of your addiction treatment team including your psychotherapist, medical staff, nurses, body workers, yoga teacher, art therapist, acupuncturist and other staff who are connected to your well being while in our facility.

The treatment team is led by our Clinical Director who conducts the initial assessment and ensures the treatment focus is coordinated and responsive.

Every week of your residential addiction treatment, your program shifts in response to the pace of your recovery. As you get healthier, clearer and brighter, the entire treatment focus adapts. For example, new activities might be introduced; therapy might intensify, (though always still paced to your comfort); and where appropriate, family members or partners might be invited to participate. As we get to know you better, we discover more about what works for you.

No residential addiction treatment program is the same, as none of our clients are the same. While 28 days is the average period for an Intensive program, this period can be extended as required.

Our Family Recovery Program has been designed to enhance the quality of your relationships with your family, friends and loved ones. Our therapy sessions provide family members with a forum to learn positive communication skills and address chronic issues and concerns with the guidance of a professional mediator with experience in addiction treatment and family counseling.


If a client’s recovery is affected by past trauma, A Center for Addiction Recovery offers Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapy to clear troubling memories. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, individual and group therapy clients are thought techniques to help them with situations in the real world that may trigger relapse. Attending Rapid Trauma Resolution sessions client will learn mindfulness, how to identify warning signs of relapse, manage sober life and develop a solid foundation for a successful recovery.

At A Center for Addiction Recovery our aim is to empower our clients to achieve positive, fulfilling and independent lifestyles. We are committed to being part of that process by providing as much support and assistance as is required.

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Addiction Treatment Programs in Maryland

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